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Updating The Backsplash In Your Kitchen

If you have an itch to remodel your kitchen but aren’t sure that you want to do a major overhaul, have you thought about just updating the backsplash? (Or maybe adding one if you don’t have one?)

The backsplash in a kitchen can add a nice touch or just a bit of personality to your kitchen without the major cost that you would find when redoing countertops or installing brand new cabinets.

Kitchen Backsplashes – Materials

There is really no limit to what type of material you can use for a kitchen backsplash – tiles, stones, glass, concrete, stainless steel and more! Again, it is a way for you to add some personality into your kitchen and you can go as classic or creative as you want.

We typically like to use tiles and are big suckers for the classic subway tile look. Tiles are also going to be some of the cheaper options and you really can create unique looks with tile by mixing different sizes, shapes and colors.

More Inspiration For Backsplashes

Sometimes it is hard to imagine how a backsplash would turn out. That is why we like to share this link of some classic (and off the wall) ideas from HDTV: http://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/kitchens/30-splashy-kitchen-backsplashes-pictures

Of course we like some of the more subtle designs but there are some great ideas on this website of ways to use recycled and repurposed materials.

Replacing A Kitchen Backsplash

If you already have a backsplash in your kitchen and want to make an upgrade, you do have some things to consider. Often the backsplash is attached to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets so removal of the old backsplash can be tricky. You also need to be careful when removing (and installing new) tiles around switches and plugs.

To ensure that your new backsplash looks great, we recommend hiring a professional to install your new backsplash.

If you have any questions about the kitchen of your dreams, we are currently accepting appointments for free estimates. Give Wayne Price a call at 303-808-6707 or email him at wayne@pricehomeimprovement.com

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