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Tiled Floor Or Shower Pan For Your Remodel

If you are in the middle of a bathroom remodel you understand all of the features that you have to pick out – and certainly the shower or tub is one of the most important pieces.

Shower/Tub Pan

If you decide to go with either a shower or tub pan, here are some things to consider:

  • Pans are just as they sound. They are pre-made inserts that sit inside of your tub or shower. They are standard sizes and basically just pop right in.
  • Pans are going to be (for the most part) cheaper than doing something else but they do come with the attributes (or downsides).
  • If pans are not installed properly they can rock or pop slightly when you stand in the tub or shower. When you move around in the shower if can feel or sound like they are going to break but typically there isn’t an issue. If someone installs them properly you won’t have this problem.
  • Some homeowners (especially those who are in charge of scrubbing the bathroom) say that keeping a pan clean is tough. They usually have a rough surface pre-stamped on the bottom to prevent slipping but they can really hold on to soap scum and grime.
  • Our feeling is that shower/tub pans are a fine selection for your home. If you have them in your other bathrooms sometimes it is nice to keep things consistent.

Custom Poured Shower/Tub

  • The other option to consider when you are looking to finish your bathroom is to have a custom poured shower or tub. This is what it sounds like. Instead of a purchasing a pan that pops into your tub, your bathroom contractor would create the flooring custom to your bathroom.
  • This is going to be a more expensive option but allows you to have more flexibility.
  • If your shower/tub has a unique size or shape you may want to consider a poured shower because it will fit your space more accurately.
  • Pouring a custom shower or tub also allows you to add things like tile. (You aren’t able to do this on the floor of the tub if you go with the pan.)
  • Some people insist that selecting a poured shower will give you a higher quality and longer lasting shower.

Overall we at Price Home Improvement feel like if you have a bathroom contractor who knows what they are doing, either choice is a good one. If you want something truly unique, you will have to go with the custom poured option. But if you want to save your money on a different upgrade for your bathroom you can’t go wrong with a (properly installed) shower pan.

If you have any questions for us about your next bathroom remodel, we are currently accepting appointments for free estimates. Give Wayne Price a call at 303-808-6707 or email him at wayne@pricehomeimprovement.com.

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