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Quiet Close Drawers and Cabinets

At Price Hone Improvement we are always looking for ways to give our clients unique touches their home projects.

Quiet Close Drawers and Cabinets


Over the years we have seen kitchen trends and styles come and go but there are some upgrades that we think are worth taking the extra time to include. Right now a lot of our clients are asking for quiet close drawers and cabinets in their kitchen as part of their remodel project and we love adding this design feature.

When a drawer or cabinet has a soft close feature, it requires different hardware than your standard drawer or cabinet. The drawers require a slightly different slider and the cabinets require a different hinge and/or a close damper. These are slightly easier to install on new cabinets or drawers but they can certainly be added to an existing kitchen.

Creating a Quieter House

Most people who install quiet close features as part of their kitchen remodel don’t regret it. Especially if your house has lots of kiddos – those afternoon snack raids can get pretty noisy! Quiet close features essentially make it impossible to slam drawers and cabinets closed.

Our Recommendations

When our customers ask us about whether or not they should include quiet close features as part of their remodel we usually tell them that it is an added cost to take into account when looking at your budget. We recommend investing in quiet close drawers (because we are huge fans) but save money and skip the cabinets.

Something else to consider is your bathroom. We think adding quiet close drawers (again not the cabinets) as part of your remodel is a great investment.

If you have any questions about how to make the most out of your next remodel, give us a call at 303-808-6707 for a FREE estimate.

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