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Pot Fillers – Above The Stove Faucet

Have you noticed that faucets seem to be popping up above stoves when you check out home improvement websites? Take a look for yourself they are everywhere – Houzz.com, HDTV.com, Pinterest and more!

So, why would you want a faucet about your stove? And would the benefit really outweigh the cost?

Pot Fillers

A professional plumber can install faucets above your stove. These specialty faucets are used to fill large pots on your stovetop. The main reason that people like this feature is that you don’t have to carry a full pot of water from the sink to the stove when you are ready to boil water. Another benefit to having a faucet above your stove is that some pots are oversized and they don’t fit in a sink for filling.

Pot fillers can use either hot or cold water but the standard is cold water.

Downside Of Pot Fillers

While it is convenient to fill a big pot directly on the stove, you still have to think about what comes next. There is no drain on your stove so you will still have to carry a full pot of water back to the sink when you are done cooking.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, installing a pot filler can be quite expensive. You really have to think about the benefit for the cost.

Even if you really want a pot filler, not everyone can make it work in their kitchen. If you check out some photos online on pot fillers you will notice that you really do need quite a bit of wall space behind and above your stove to make it work. They really are designed for a large backsplash area behind the stove.

Upside Of Pot Fillers           

Pot fillers are really becoming popular as part of a kitchen remodel. If you are able to make it work in your kitchen, we believe that most home buyers would see this as a desirable upgrade. Adding a pot filler could give your kitchen that little something extra that could help you sell your house if you are thinking a move would be in your future.

Kitchen remodels can be overwhelming. Let us know if you have questions about which upgrades to make and which to skip. You can contact Wayne at 303-808-6707 or wayne@pricehomeimprovement.com.

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