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Kitchen Island: The Heart of the Heart of the Home

Whether you’re completely renovating your kitchen or just making some small updates, a kitchen island should be part of your effort. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen island is the heart of that heart–the place where everyone wants to gather during a party. The place where your kids eat their breakfast and do their homework. The place where you can drink a glass of wine while your partner or friend makes dinner. So paying attention to how a kitchen island is really used and how you can make it the most welcoming is time well spent.

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Tips for a Great Kitchen Island

Here are a few tips on creating the most functional and inviting kitchen island.

Add Storage

Kitchen islands are great gathering spaces, but don’t forget that this also gives you an almost unprecedented opportunity to add storage space smack dab in the middle of a room. While you want space for your legs, the other side of the island is fair game. You can opt for open shelving if you’re brave, but otherwise some cupboards with shelves offer a great opportunity for storing pots, pans, cookbooks, etc.

Consider Seating

Make sure the counter of the island extends sufficiently for people to really get their knees under it. When choosing seating, decide whether you want backless stools to allow for a clean line of sight, or whether stools with backs might be a more prudent decision (ahem, people with small children).

Lighten Up

Pendants lights over a kitchen island are a great option. They create a cozier space and allow for better homework sessions and food prep alike. Even if the island itself is somewhat plain, some visually interesting pendant lights can really add a lot to the kitchen’s overall vibe.

Go All Out

Doing a total kitchen gut? Think about adding a sink or stovetop to the island. Even if this isn’t in the cards, having a designated food prep area on the island helps because you don’t have to feel like your back is always to the rest of the house when you’re cooking dinner or doing the dishes.

Mix and Match Materials

Just because you have quartz counters doesn’t mean you have to top your island with the same material. A wood island can add warmth. Or a stainless steel or concrete island can add an industrial touch. Truly, almost any combo can work.

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