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Copper Sinks – The New Trend In Kitchen Remodeling

As part of one of our recent kitchen remodels, we found ourselves installing a beautiful hammered copper sink. (Not only were the homeowners thrilled with the final result, but also we have been getting lots of inquiries about this unique kitchen upgrade.)

Copper – Think Outside The Pot

When people think of having something made out of copper in a kitchen, they automatically think about copper pots. Copper pots can be a stunning addition to a kitchen as decorative pieces but can only be a wonderful way to cook. Copper is a great conductor of heat so foods are cooked very evenly in a copper pot. Copper pots can be a bit high maintenance – you can’t put them in the dishwasher and they can tarnish easily so you have to polish them.

Buying Copper Kitchen Sinks

When looking at buying a copper sink, most people love the charming look of the copper sink but worry about the cost. They are in fact more expensive than traditional stainless steel or porcelain sinks but you just have to think about how you a buying a unique and charming statement piece for your kitchen. Not just a tub to wash dishes.

Keep in mind that the thicker gauge of the sink the better. You should opt for the best quality when purchasing your copper sink. (Again, this will drive up the cost but you will ultimately be happier that you did.)

Selecting Your Perfect Copper Sink

You can buy a copper sink with or without sealants. While it may be tempting to cover your sink with a sealant to protect it, the majority of experts recommend that you opt for no sealant. Enjoy the natural beauty of the copper and leave it unsealed.

You do have the option for either a smooth finish or a hammered finish when you purchase a sink. Hammered sinks do weather better – scratches and dings from dishwashing can be easier to hide when the copper has been hammered. Smooth copper shows nicks very easily. We love the hammered look of the copper sinks. It gives the kitchen (or bathroom) a handcrafted charm.

Maintaining Your Kitchen Copper Sink

Keep in mind that copper doesn’t like certain foods because they cause staining. We would recommend asking for a complete list of items that should be handled with care. Things that are acidic can be tricky – be careful not to leave things like ketchup or lemons sitting in your copper sink.

If you have any questions about the kitchen of your dreams, we are currently accepting appointments for free estimates. Give Wayne Price a call at 303-808-6707 or email him at wayne@pricehomeimprovement.com



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