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CFL’s Or LED Light Bulbs – Efficiency At Home

If you have recently purchased light bulbs at your local grocery store or Home Depot, you may have noticed a change in the products available.

As most people know, we have moved away from the classic incandescent light bulbs in the past few years to make way for the more efficient, greener bulbs. The first to hit the marketplace were the CFL bulbs, or compact florescent. These bulbs were easy to spot because of their spiral shape. Many of us were told that CFL’s were the way of the future.

However, if you go to your favorite store today, you will notice few (if any) of those CFL’s on the shelves. So, what gives? Why are there so many of these LED bulbs?

LED Bulbs Best For Home Energy Savings

While CFL light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, the newest arrival, win the efficiency contest. Hands down. LED bulbs are not only extremely efficient; they also emit the least amount of heat and also last the longest.

So, if you are looking to decrease your home’s energy usage (and therefore decrease those bothersome energy bills), think about buying all of your new light bulbs in the LED variety.

Check out this great chart for a side by side comparison of the different types of bulbs: https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/lightbulbguide.pdf

Disposal Of Light Bulb

While we don’t think you need to throw out any bulbs you have already purchased, be it incandescent or CFL, keep in mind that depending on the light bulb, you need to think about how to properly dispose of burned out bulbs.

CFL’s contain mercury. (One of the major downfalls of this type of light bulb.) They aren’t made to be thrown away and should be taken to a recycling center that can properly dispose of the bulbs.

The new LED bulbs don’t contain mercury and can be placed in the trash.

Invest In Your Home

As we have mentioned on our blog in the past, investing in efficiency upgrades in your home makes good sense. That includes light bulbs. So, light your home with LED bulbs to help save money and the earth.

Don’t forget that the holidays are coming up. Look for LED options in holiday decorations such as Christmas lights. Help save money and do your part to be greener this holiday season!

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